Evil Twin

Take a prototypical San Diego style fish (think Steve Lis) and update it with a more centered wide point, modern down-rail, and refined foil and you've got the Evil Twin.

Keel fins and a low rocker mean you'll move at face-melting velocities down the line, but engage those finely foiled rails and you'll be carving like you were riding shotgun on a butcher's knife.  Try to resist the urge to spray buckets in your friends' faces as they stare slack-jawed at your lightning-quick ripping.  Try, and fail.


A modern fish you've been waiting for.


SSD Consultant: August Kreowski

I’ve been dabbling in the “specialty board” realm for a few years now. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my surfing and maybe even my life. I’ve wanted a fish for some time,  but never could find one I liked.  This board feels good under your feet. It draws fast lines and is small enough to throw around. The Flow is unprecedented. 

There is a guy we all know paddling out at all our local spots. He’s got the incognito beard and the hooded suit set-up. He’s usually half as frustrating as he is fun to watch. And the son of a bitch is on every good set churning out the back. He’s the man's man of the surfing world and he’s riding something like the Evil Twin. I am not that man. But I sure as hell want to be.



5'7 x 20.5 x 2.5