After years devoted to fringe experiments, I suddenly had the urge to smack the lip again.  I started borrowing friends' boards and seeing what I liked.  Inspired primarily by the Channel Islands Biscuit and Gary Hanel's Diet Pill, I came up with my own spin on the short, wide, performance-oriented shortboard that's become so popular in the last ten years. 

Plenty of foam nose to tail keep it paddling like a champ, but shortboard style rails, low rocker and a round tail keeps it fast, loose and carveable up to shockingly large surf for such a small board.  These come standard with a 5 box fin setup, so thruster advocates and quad aficionados will be equally at home on this design. 

Recommended Dimensions
5'4 to 6'0 long  / 19"-20" wide  / 2.25"- 2.75" thick
Shea's Personal Board: 5'7" x 19.5" x 2.5" 


See the MLP in action down in El Salvador. 


The MLP will have you ripping so hard you'll be puking rainbows.